Snorkeling Guidebook for Maui - "Mask, Fins & Snorkel: The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling"

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"Great Book that Stays on Target"

I have read guide books that give you a tiny blurb on snorkel spots. I have read guide books that seem no better than the free cartoonish guide you can pick up at Maui Dive Shop. This book really gives you what you want, detailed descriptions of the snorkeling at various locations. It has the maps, it has the driving directions, it has parking information. But what I really love is the detailed descriptions of the snorkeling. Where to go within the bay. What to look for. What you'll see. And those beautiful, beautiful pictures. I even learned that the weird bat-fish I saw in Kapalua Bay is actually an Oriental Flying Gurnard! Thank you, Rich Schieber.  —Seth G. June 12, 2014

"Don't Head to Maui Without It!"

Must have book for all Maui goers! Snorkel spots for all ages and abilities. It also pays attention to the environment and the importance of preservation.  —Debbie B. April 22, 2014

"Finally!  A Practical and Knowledgeable Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling!"

I love this book! It is easy to read and full of breathtaking photos of Maui's best snorkeling! I would highly recommend this book to those in search of unforgettable underwater adventures on Maui. I have lived on Maui and have been back several times, and this book knocks it out of the park in comparison to other snorkeling guides. Five stars!  —M.Mathews March 16, 2014

"Must Read"

I received this book today and have already devoured the content. We are going to Maui in January and now I finally can devise a great plan on where to snorkel. This book has it all. Locations, maps, parking, ease of entry, and types of sea life commonly encountered. This is your one stop shopping book that will ensure great snorkel opportunities.  —Eric N. April 10, 2014