Snorkeling Guidebook for Maui - "Mask, Fins & Snorkel: The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling"Mask, Fins, & Snorkel: The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling, was created by professional photographers, Rich and Sharon Schieber. While living in Maui they spent countless hours exploring Maui's waters learning which spots are good—and which ones are great. Deciding they'd like to share the wonder of Maui's underwater world, they compiled hundreds of photos from their adventures, and pages of Rich's notes to create a comprehensive, full-color snorkeling guide for the island of Maui.

Offering detailed descriptions and candid advice on Maui's best snorkeling spots, visitors will learn just where to spend their valuable vacation time while snorkeling in Maui. Each recommendation includes a detailed map with snorkel and driving routes and a full description of what to expect above and below water. As a self-described "snorkeling fanatic," Rich wrote the guide with the idea of offering something for snorkelers of all levels.Author of Maui's Best Snorkeling. Along with snorkeling basics and tips specific to Maui, he provides "Marathon Adventures for Advanced Snorkelers" as well as additional suggestions to "extend the experience" at many of the locations highlighted in the book.

Readers will appreciate underwater photography tips, advice for snorkeling with kids, and kayak-snorkel excursions for both West and South Maui. Additional driving maps, and hundreds of beautiful pictures of Maui's beaches, bays, and intriguing sea life round out the guide to provide great memories back home after an unforgettable trip.

Kayak Snorkeling in West Maui.Rich's passion for snorkeling is evident throughout the book, as well as his enthusiasm to engage readers in his favorite pastime:

"There are few things I enjoy more in life than slipping on my fins and heading into the water. I can easily spend hours exploring the reef and enjoying the intricate coral, colorful fish, and incredible marine life found just below the water's surface. The infinite shapes, sizes and designs are amazing. Encounters with eels, rays, and sea turtles leave me in awe... It's a beautiful and intriguing world where admission requires nothing more than a mask, fins, and snorkel."

Rich and Sharon hope readers will enjoy snorkeling as much as they do and soon find themselves thinking, "I'd rather be snorkeling!"Turtle